Case Study: Transforming utility operations for a manufacturing setup

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The Problem

The client is having a manufacturing plant in the middle east with a huge electricity bill. The electrical team is responsible to manage the infrastructure that includes assets like switchgear, bus bars, transformers, capacitor banks & feeders. To manage this, all the energy meter data were collected and analysis was done daily and manually. The problem was 2-fold, firstly the analysis was tedious and there are always chances of human error. And secondly, very limited data were collected at large intervals. Hence the team was not able to perform failure diagnostics, identify the areas of improvement and quickly learn about important events.


The Solution

The client implemented I/O Sense to digitize all their existing energy meters. Around 110 energy meters were connected using 8 gateways. Modbus RS 485 & The data was sent to the cloud using ethernet. Faclon, its channel partner, and the client worked closely to develop customized and analytical reports that were sent daily to respective stakeholders. Alerts were implemented on voltage, power factor, max demand & power surge.

The Impact

Automation of manual data collection and manual analysis

Real-time monitoring of critical parameters like PF, MD, Voltage, Load, etc.

Cost-effective and cloud-based application to meet attracted ROI

Improved visibility and faster response to events leading to higher productivity