Case Study: Optimization of HVAC for gas station outlets in Malaysia

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The Problem

The client is having 200 plus gas stations across Malaysia. All the outlet stores at gas stations were having air conditioning systems that were operating via. manual means. And in the current system, there were visible monetary and energy losses due to low set temperatures, inefficient old ACs & improper utilization. Also, there was no means to understand or identify the areas of optimization due to a lack of organized and relevant data.


The Solution

The client implemented I/O Sense to digitize all their existing ACs in 50 plus outlets. Around 230 ACs were digitized using energy meters data sensing and IoT devices for data sending to the cloud. An AC health rule engine was implemented to quickly identify the ACs that are needing manual attention. Also, smart thermostats were implemented to optimize the compressor cycle and generate savings.

The Impact

Upto 30% energy savings on HVAC Operations

Centralized health diagnostics analysis of ACs

ROI < 8 months

Automatic reports and actionable alerts to transform the operations