OEM Suite

Digitize your product to enhance your customer experience with data and transform the way you provide your support and services.

Accelerate your digital journey with I/O Sense OEM Suite

I/O Sense is a perfect product of original equipment manufacturer of industrial equipment like chillers, boilers, pumps, flow meters, and many other industrial machines. With the OEM Suite, you can quickly digitize your product, provide curated operational analysis and start building digital connections with your customers to provide superior support & monetize on other related services.
Energy Solution

Admin Panel

Use admin panel to create & manage connected equipment, users, quota & feature access. This helps our oem partner to manage the business operations.

Customizable Platform

Leverage I/O Sense infrastructure to fasttrack the development of curated reports, alerts, analytics, interfaces at low cost

Industry Grade Security

The platform adheres to all the international and latest security standards for all the layers of IoT


One stop solution provider for hardware, connectivity and software to help you optimize your solution for reliability and cost.

Deeper Integration

Automate manual reading & integrate with your ERP, SCADA, OPC etc. to setup information exchange for more analysis.


We help branding the software to help you package the solutions and create an enhanced product image for your customers.

Right information, right place & right time

I/O Sense is a progressive web application that can be opened in phone, tablet or computer. Also, the application is scalable to incorporate more sensor data, alertive to drive proactive management, multi-tenant to drive ease of access and multi-hierarchical to dispense the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.