HVAC Optimization

Custom and Ideal intervention of IoT, data analytics and automation to drive equipment and process efficiency of your HVACs

Reduce the energy cost to upto 20% by smartly employing HVAC IoT

Monitor, analyse and automate your HVAC system that includes assets like chiller, compressor, AHUs, dampers, pumps, condensers, actuator valves, thermostats, standalone ACs, boilers, BTU, energy meters to synchronise the operations with the load and optimize the thermodynamic efficiency
Enterprise grid

Equipment Health & Efficiency

Monitor the electrical and mechanical parameters of critical assets like chillers, compressors, AHUs etc. to diagnose their efficiency and health.

Optimize energy consumption

Synchronize the entire operation with load to reduce the energy consumption.


Employ different automation strategy depending on the infrastructure. Control your assets from cloud.


Connect and automate your assets using our wireless IoT hardwares to reduce cost of implementation and upkeep

Expert Recommendations

Get expert reports and recommendation on HVAC operations to identify more areas of optimization.


System can easily be implemented even if you already have BMS or sensors in place. We support Bacnet, Ethernet IP, Modbus etc.

Smart Energy Saver

  • Energy savings to up-to 30%
  • Non Inverter ACs for 1 to 10 tons
  • ROI in less than 6 months
  • Comfort Maintained
  • Ideal for Retail Chain and Bank Branches
Energy Saver

Right information, right place & right time

I/O Sense is a progressive web application that can be opened in phone, tablet or computer. Also, the application is scalable to incorporate more sensor data, alertive to drive proactive management, multi-tenant to drive ease of access and multi-hierarchical to dispense the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.