Frequently Ask Question(FAQs)

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  • Can I integrate my electromagnetic water meter to IO Sense?

    Yes, you can. We just need Modbus RS 485 port and register map to collect the data from your meter and showcase it on IO Sense.
  • Can I get customized reports?

    Yes, we do provide customized reports in excel and PDF format. We also provide a scheduler which automatically sends the report to configure email addresses. Also every report comes with a form for providing configurations.
  • Is IO Sense cloud or on premise?

    IO Sense is on cloud by default. However, it can also operate in on-premise servers.
  • How many energy meters can I connect to ST-11?

    Up-to 20 energy meter can be connected to ST-11.
  • Can I control my asset via IO Sense?

    Yes, you can send commands or provide automation from IO Sense.
  • Can I white label IO Sense?

    Yes, we do provide white labeling services to our clients and partners.
  • How is the pricing done for IO Sense?

    You need to contact the sales person for exact numbers. However, for cloud the key-CONST comprises for the annual subscription, one time engineering & hardware.
  • What infrastructures can be digitized by IO Sense?

    The infrastructures which can be digitized by IO Sense are -Industrial spaces, commercial buildings, retail outlets, data centers, water treatment plants, water distribution network, and equipment.
  • Can I connect a third party IoT device to IO Sense?

    Yes, you can connect to a third party device. Also you can reach out to the our salesperson to learn about API documentation.
  • Is IO Sense expensive?

    IO sense is not expensive and always value money.
  • Can I connect IO Sense to my ERP?

    Yes, IO sense can be connected to your ERP.
  • What is the ROI on implementing IO Sense?

    IO Sense implementation leads to a digital transformation, data is the new oil. IO Sense brings data to real life value. It changes the way operations are done today for the better functioning. Typically, the ROI is less than a year, but it proves to be effective in many ways that is difficult to measure in numbers but easy to realize.
  • Can I optimize my AC consumption?

    Yes, you can optimize AC consumption by 20%-30% with our smart energy saving retrofit product called Intel ACs.

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