Case Study: Digitization of sewage and water treatment plants

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The Problem

The client is a huge conglomerate having several business units in construction, finance, engineering, automation, etc. The client is running a huge industrial setup at Hazira port. The water department was managing the operations of 15 Sewage treatment plants and 3 water treatment plants. However, in managing the operations, all the tasks related to data collection & analysis were manual and error-prone. Also, there was a lack of important sensors lead to a lack of key data. These issues lead to confusion in decision-making & operational understanding.


The Solution

The client implemented I/O Sense to centrally monitor the raw input and processed output of all the 15 STPs. Electromagnetic meters were implemented to track the flow rate and volumetric flow. And for the WTP, chlorine, PH, and TDS sensor were implemented and monitored for the raw input and processed output.

The Impact

Single source of truth for decision making

Automation of data collection and analysis

Quality control

Managed resource utilization