Predictive Maintenance

Monitor and analyse the vibration and condition of your critical assets to reduce the downtimes and production losses.

Increase machine uptime with I/O Sense Predictive Maintenance suite

Monitor and analyse the vibration data of your critical assets like pump, motor, gearbox, fans, blowers, compressors etc. under the guidance of our vibration experts having 40+ years of experience.
Enterprise grid

FFT Analysis

Smartly analyse the spectrum of frequency to identify problem areas

Automated Diagnostics

Cloud based and automated analysis of vibration data to give you final insights to act upon

Vibration Body of Knowledge

The software is matured by special experts who accounts for experience, physical systems

Wired and Wireless

We provide assortment of vibration sensors to help you get the best combination product at low cost.

Failure Prediction

From the time series data of vibration velocity we predict the time to failure using our AI powered algorithm


TSystem can easily be implemented even if you already have implemented the vibrations sensors

Right information, right place & right time

I/O Sense is a progressive web application that can be opened in phone, tablet or computer. Also, the application is scalable to incorporate more sensor data, alertive to drive proactive management, multi-tenant to drive ease of access and multi-hierarchical to dispense the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.