Case Study: Ambient Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for MNC

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The Problem

The Client is a global leader in providing IT security solutions. The client has a mandate to monitor ambient temperature and humidity for some specific rooms for auditory purposes. For this, the manual measurement was becoming a cumbersome task. The areas included assets like servers, drives, AHUs, etc. Any major deviation in ambient conditions can lead to equipment damage that increases the cost of operations and subsequently, a downtime that leads to loss of revenue.


The Solution

I/O Sense was implemented to enable real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity for their existing server rooms, production floors, AHU rooms, meeting rooms, common areas, etc. Smart wifi-based IoT devices were implemented to send the sensor data to the I/O Sense cloud. Alerts were configured to enable proactive response to deviation in temperature and humidity. Daily reports were scheduled to provide historical data analysis. The data also helped to optimize their HVAC operations to drive energy optimization.

The Impact

Automatic Audit Reports

Smart SMS Alerts

Centralized Monitoring

HVAC Energy Optimization