Case Study: Water Pumping Station Digitization for Municipal Corporation

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The Problem

The client is a Municipal Corporation. The water department of the corporation wanted an innovative solution for better management of their water supply infrastructure. The client has 42 pumping stations that were supplying water to different zones of the city. However, they were not having enough manpower to operate them and be present at every station. And due to this, it became very difficult to monitor and control the supply leading to wastage. Also, there is no way the operators can know in case there is downtime. This led further to customer dissatisfaction.


The Solution

The client implemented I/O Sense to digitize all their pumping stations. Around 42 pump stations were digitized. The energy meter, water meters, and 4G-based IoT devices were installed for sending data to the cloud. Now the operator can remotely monitor and control water supplied to different areas for the entire city from a single interface. The operator can define schedules and monitor pump operations from anywhere on his mobile or laptop. Pump energy consumption was benchmarked to understand the requirement of efficiency-related steps.

The Impact

Smart Operational Visibility via. Mobile app

Equitable Water Distribution

Quick Resolution of Downtimes

Energy Cost Optimization