Why Organizations love I/O Sense

A powerful & flexible IoT platform with a gamut of impactful features that are customized & configured to redefine operations and decision intelligence.

Connect Anything

Monitor & control assets, analyze data from different sensors and equipment to draw powerful insights.

Access Multiple Applications

Leverage built-in analytics, features & AI powered insights to smartly manage energy, water, assets & processes.

Grow with I/O Sense

Leverage I/O Sense’s flexibilty, configurability & compute modules to smartly expand your digital transformation.

End-to-end products to optimize operational cost and resource utilization

We are experts in sensor data integration, wireless data connectivity, cloud technologies & data analytics. Our flagship IoT gateway devices (ST-series-data) can interface with any sensor and it supports 4G LTE, GPRS, WIFI, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT for data transmission. Further, I/O Sense analyses the data in cloud and provides real life insights to drive process excellence.

Key Applications

Leverage data to streamline operations and explore saving opportunities.

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Thermal
  • Enterprise

Energy Management

I/O Sense provides cutting edge energy management for infrastructures like factories, commercial buildings, retail stores, electric utilities, government infrastructures etc. It is already empowering the enterprises to reduce cost by smartly automating asset operations, defining data driven maintenance strategies, reducing penalties etc. The software leverages the energy meter data to isolate the energy inefficiency, wastage, poor power quality & other problem areas.

Water Management

Faclon is focussed towards committing its technologies & products to solve the water problems of India by digitizing the entire water infrastructure. We help water authorities to smartly monitor & analyze the water flow, pressure, level, pumping across the entire water distribution network to minimize monetary losses, wastage & operational inefficiencies. We have helped utilities & public companies to smartly automate pumping stations, improve efficiency of treatment plants, smartly manage the water availability etc.

Thermal Profiling

Faclon Labs provides you deep end-to-end products to help you smartly collect, monitor & analyse the temperature data. We can integrate with different temperature sensors to meet your application requirement. Our products have been used by multinational companies to monitor server rooms, HVACs, bus bars, human fever, cold storages, critical assets etc. I/O Sense’s smart alerts have helped enterprises save tons of money by avoiding wastages and damages.

Enterprise Grid

I/O Sense platform serves as a powerful canvas to help enterprises consume existing applications, features as well as co-develop more transformative applications to embark on the strategic digital transformation journey. I/O Sense consolidates data, services & provides much needed configurability, customizability & features list to accelerate the transformation.

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